How to improve your App’s Ranking in Google Play Store

How to improve your App’s Ranking in Google Play Store

In this post we are going to learn how to Improve your App’s Ranking in Google Play Store. For app developers, it’s no mean task to launch an app consider the high possibility of a similar app existing on the Play Store. Well, this isn’t the only hurdle as few applications get the privilege of a good rank in the search box.So far no correct algorithm has been identified by outsiders as Google keeps it a secret thus no dubious means to overpass this. However, several experts have studied the trends and marked various factors used by Google to rank uploaded apps. Below is a list of tips on how to Improve your App’s Ranking in Google Play Store.

The More the Users the Better the Ranking:

Firstly, just like the Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the App Store Optimization works on the basis of the number of subscribers enlisted on the application. In short, the more than the number of users or downloads the higher the ranking on Google’s Play Store.

Understand your Customer and Market Competition:

The first thing that you need to figure out for implementing an ASO strategy for your app is analysing your customer and its needs and knowing your niche in the market. Market research plays a very significant role here. For a clear understanding, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What’s the basic lingo used by the users of your app?
  • How would your users describe your app?
  • Why would a customer download and use your app?
  • What is the USP of your application in comparison to your competitors?
  • What all keywords are your customers targeting on?
  • How can these keywords give you an edge over your customers?
  • Which keywords must be more prominent that will better highlight the USP of your app?

Picking the right set of keywords:

Once you have addressed the above questions, the next step is to brainstorm the keywords for your app – it could be anything which is relevant to the application and its features. Some of the important points to remember for keyword optimisation are:

Find the highly searched keywords but not particularly the competitive ones.

If your application is similar to some of the popular apps already in existence, use their

names as well in the description of your app.

You can do it with a keyword suggestions tool – for example, or TheTool.

A study by SENSOR TOWER reveals that the optimal number of times to repeat a keyword in an app store product page is five; this will maximise the likelihood of ranking for that particular keyword.

Any additional mentions have little or no effect on the ASO of the app.

Choose a Suitable App Name:

Having an attractive and unique name of your app isn’t just for the purpose of branding. To get better results with ASO, include all the pertinent keywords in the title itself. it’s the name which will heavily affect the app store search results.

Upload a video

A Good video of the app might really increment your installs. Unfortunately, with rich opportunities comes a high price. Creating a Suitable looking video might cost a lot. If you have low budget, even a slideshow of your screenshots might do the job. Another substitute is buying a video mockup and inserting a screen recording from your app into it. Tools like Place It are perfect for that. Another important thing here is choosing the poster frame, which will be shown when the video is not playing. Make sure that it catches up the eye and shows your app in a positive way.

Pick the right images

After video, screenshots and images are the second most significant part of your page. According to StoreMaven, 60% of users won’t swipe past your first two screenshot images. Use the best two images first! The Google Play store accepts images from 320/320px resolution, but this is a lot too small. Use at least 1920/1440 px images. Use apps like Clean Status Bar to clean up your screenshots from unnecessary bloat on the status bar. Using mockups of a phone frame, or photos of your app being used in the wild, will also improve your page’s appearance. If you don’t have a wide array of phones and graphic skills, you can use tools like Place It to do it.

App Icon

Make it iconic. Icon is the first thing a user would see and it has to stand out. Don’t clutter and don’t write too much text on it. Also try placing your icon among various app icons and do a look test.

Maintenance and update

Now it’s very important to note this especially for any app is to attain a high rating as developers are urged to ensure that they get rid of all bugs. In most cases, it encompasses the release of updates to add more features and resolve issues on older versions of the application. The online platform appreciates developers who pay great attention to their clientele and address matters arising.

By updating the app, the developers get to win the heart of more users as they are satisfied with the services offered. So work on this!!

Ratings and Reviews

Several experts have identified that majority of users rely on reviews and raking of the app to choose which application to install. Thus for any app to attain good ranking it should target on having more positive reviews and should include a call to action button for users to leave their comments.

As for the rating, Google ranks high less popular apps with fewer downloads but high rating compared to apps with more downloads and having a dismal rating.

Develop Compatible Apps

This is crucial for app creators who are advised to come up with an app that is responsive to mobile and tablets on the market. Looking further and it’s noticeable that Google’s algorithm favors applications that integrate easily into tablets giving them a higher ranking.

App Uninstalls:

It’s not just reviews and ratings of the app that reflects its quality, but also the quantum of users who stop using your application. It’s also a matter of fact that the Google play store tracks the app uninstallation rates in order to assess the quality of an application.

Escalate App’s traffic with External promotion:

It is a matter of fact that the more traffic you drive to your app listing, the higher it will rank in

search results. To drive more traffic to your application, you must have a worldwide presence. So that you are easily recognisable among your competitors.

You must build your presence online, by using various social media platforms and content blogs, soliciting press and reviews, and investing in online advertising.


Optimizing your app for these app store ranking factors can greatly influence the rankings of your app in the app stores. It can help you improve the visibility of your app, drive more traffic, and increase conversions.

However, these parameters evolve constantly, just like the trends in the mobile app space. You need to consistently track, analyze, and optimize your app for improved app store rankings.

If you think any other factor deserves a mention in this list of the most important app store ranking factors. So that you easy to Improve your App’s Ranking in Google Play Store.

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