How to install wordpress

Do you thinking about making a website yourself? WordPress is the solution for you. It’s most popular cms in the world right now. You can easily build your website using it. This tutorial will help you to install wordpress yourself.

Step 1: Download wordpress:

Download wordpress zip package from and upload the zip file to your hosting account. Extract the zip file to the directory where you would like to install wordpress. So extracted files will look like the image bellow:

Step 2: Setup database

WordPress installation process requires database. To create a database, go to cpanel and click MySQL® Database Wizard > Create a Database > Create Database Users > Add user to the database.  Note down database name, database username and password.

Step 3: Install wordpress

You are ready to install wordpress now. Go to the url on your browser where you extracted all wordpress files.

For example:

Now you will see the wordpress installation process on your browseer like the image bellow.

Select language then press continue. Next screen will ask you for database information. Fill the form by database information you noted down.

Next steps will ask you to choose your website title, user name and password. Your website is ready now! Go to the url where you installed wordpress. You will able to see your website’s home page with a default wordpress theme.

How to install wordpress

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